January 22, 2014

Target Customer Data Stolen in Massive Breach

Late in 2013 national retailer Target's computer and point of sale systems were breached. In all about 70,000,000 (70 Million) customer records were stolen. The stolen data includes credit and debit card numbers, debit card pins, names, and addresses. This breach represents a huge risk for Target's customers' identity theft, and obviously the damage to affected customers' credit scores.

For the latest information on the breach, access this Google search:

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  1. As the rash of attacks against Target and other top retailers has shown, that prevention-first security strategy, known as “the M&M theory,” was not so secure. And with one of the most famed antivirus makers themselves now declaring the death of the antivirus, to say the prevention approach has failed seems to hit the nail on the head - and into the coffin.